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A Big Picture Moment

All day I’ve felt like a kid before the first day of school. Excited, of course, but nervous, too: do I have everything I need? Am I prepared for tomorrow? What am I going to wear? July 10 is my first official day as executive director of Kidznotes. Only getting one chance to make a first impression, I’ve been bogged down in the details of the day’s agenda.

This afternoon I sat on the couch, poring over my calendar on my laptop, oblivious to my nine-month-old son as he played on the carpet. Oblivious, that is, until James crawled over to his Fisher Price xylophone, picked up the mallet, and began to play in the fortissimo style in which infants are so expert. He wouldn’t be ignored.

Little James gave me a big picture moment just when I needed it. He adores his xylophone, and it makes his mom and me so proud to hear him play it. My wife Julia and I are 100% committed to giving James every opportunity to make and experience real music; we have never once questioned the necessity of providing him these opportunities.

Kidznotes matters to me because it gives every child the opportunities that I won’t hesitate to make sure my own son has. No one questions the importance of giving their own children the opportunity to make music; Kidznotes insists that no one should ever question the commitment to make those opportunities happen for every child.

Goodness knows the small details will be essential to my success as I start this journey; I’m sure you’ll hear me talk about important details as I blog these next 30 days. I hope, though, always to come back to this big picture moment, and to experience and share many more of them with the Kidznotes students and staff.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at should you have any questions or want to know more about Kidznotes or about me. I look forward to getting to know all of you on this journey.



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