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Coffee and Coaching

I am a coffee fiend. Every morning I drink an entire french press pot of strong, dark coffee. This morning, though, when I left the house at 7:00, I wanted a little extra pick-me-up. On my way to an early meeting, I swung by Joe Van Gogh to snag some of their delicious house coffee (no kickbacks from the coffee shop here, I swear). I needed to be fully alert for what I knew would be a powerful and important meeting.

Rob Gofourth is Kidznotes’ new board chair. He’s also one of the reasons I felt so comfortable accepting the offer to serve as Kidznotes’ executive director. Rob and I approach the world of our work in strikingly similar ways. We’re both data people who care about quantifiable results and know that the most effective way to achieve them is to develop and support your team, personally and professionally. To that end, Rob arranged for me to meet with his incredible executive coach, Trudy Bourgeois. Little did I know coffee would be served at the meeting. Did I partake? Let’s just say I was fully in the zone during my time with Trudy.

Trudy and I visited for an hour, but it felt like 10 minutes. We spoke about my vision for Kidznotes, challenges I foresaw in achieving that vision, and creative solutions for overcoming the challenges. We made a genuine connection and I left feeling both supported and pushed. In other words, I felt developed. 

I do hope I’m able to meet with Trudy on a regular basis. She’ll push my thinking in necessary and creative ways. She will help Kidznotes. Importantly, however, one of my big takeaways here was that Rob had modeled for me the kind of elevated development experience I have to provide for the team and family at Kidznotes. How can I give everyone on the Kidznotes staff their own Trudy Bourgeois moments? I know our team will leave such moments feeling as eager and excited as I did – whether or not they’ve just consumed copious amounts of coffee.

Until tomorrow!



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