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Returning students:

  • Registration deadline: August 25
  • First day of rehearsal for returning/advanced students: Tuesday, September 5
  • Location: The Holton Career and Resource Center | 401 N. Driver St. Durham, NC 27703
  • Weekday schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 4:00–6:00pm
  • Transportation: DPS and MJCS students will take the bus from their school to the Holton Center. Parents and/or other approved family members are responsible for prompt pick-up at the conclusion of rehearsals at 6:00pm. Late pick-ups will result in a fine.

New students:

  • Application deadline: September 8
    • Acceptance letters will be sent out during the week of September 11.
  • First day of class: September 19
  • Weekday schedule: Tuesday and Thursday after school (specific class times vary by school and bell schedule; please see below)

All students:

  • Saturday rehearsals: 10:00am-Noon at the Holton Career and Resource Center
    • Families are responsible for drop-off and pick-up at rehearsal


Mozart Schools (sites for beginner classes)

Eastway Elementary | 610 N. Alston Ave. Durham, NC 27701

  • 3:30–5:00pm

Maureen Joy Charter School | 107 S. Driver St. Durham, NC 27703

  • 3:45–5:30pm

Sandy Ridge Magnet Elementary | 1417 Old Oxford Rd. Durham, NC 27704

  • 2:30–4:00pm

Y.E. Smith Elementary | 2410 E. Main St. Durham, NC 27703

  • 4:30–5:15pm

Attendance Policy

Kidznotes is an intense program that focuses on groups of students coming together to make musical and social progress. Every member of the group is crucial to the success of the whole, so daily attendance is extremely important.

Excused Absences

When a student is absent from Kidznotes for any reason, parents must notify Emily Smith, Durham Student & Volunteer Manager (, or the relevant Mozart program teacher via email, text message, phone call (voicemail), or written note. If an absence has not been reported and a student does not arrive at Kidznotes, parents will receive a phone call or text message inquiring about the student’s absence. An absence may be marked excused retroactively if a parent reports and explains the absence after the fact.

Unexcused Absences

Any absence that is not reported will be considered unexcused. Students are allowed up to three unexcused absences in a semester before their participation in concerts will be re-evaluated by teachers and staff. More than 5 unexcused absences may result in a student being asked to discontinue his or her participation in Kidznotes.

Recurring Absences

We at Kidznotes understand that students are involved in many activities and that schedule conflicts may arise. In order to accommodate these conflicts, each student is allowed a recurring excused absence of one day per week, provided Kidznotes staff members are presented with documentation of this conflict in the form of a written note (may be emailed) from the school or conflicting program. If a student is participating in mandatory school tutoring, up to two absences per week will be allowed for no longer than one semester at a time. Documentation from the school or tutor will also be required to excuse these absences.

Saturday Attendance

Attendance at Saturday rehearsals is required for Haydn, Copland, and Vivaldi students. Saturdays are NOT required for Mozart students. Mozart parents who would like for their students to attend on Saturdays will sign up to participate.


View the Full Durham Practice and Event Calendar 

  • Winter Concert – December 16 (end of Fall Semester) | Location: TBD
  • Start of Spring Semester – January 9
  • Spring Concert – May 19 (end of Spring Semester) | Location: Duke Memorial UMC
  • Summer Camp – July 9–26


There will be additional performances added throughout the semester.

Kidznotes Calendar Year:  Kidznotes programming follows the traditional school-year calendar. When school is not in session, Kidznotes will not hold rehearsals. This includes early release days, teacher workdays, holidays, and Winter/Spring Breaks.

Inclement Weather Policy: In the event of an early release or school cancellation due to inclement weather, Kidznotes will not hold rehearsals on that afternoon. Kidznotes will send out notices of cancellations, but please stay updated on local weather reports during the winter season.

KPAC (Kidznotes Parent Advisory Committee)

Meetings occur once a month on Saturdays— everyone is welcome to join us!

First meeting date and time is TBD. If you are interested in joining the KPAC, please contact Program Director Stephen Pysnik:


There are 4 easy steps to become a volunteer with Kidznotes:

  1. Sign up online.
  2. Attend one of our Volunteer Orientations in Durham.  Once signed up, you will automatically receive a notification about the next upcoming Orientation.
  3. Complete the volunteer registration and background check with DPS.
  4. Review and sign our volunteer expectationsand bring with you on your first day of volunteering.

Once you’ve completed these steps, Kidznotes will follow up with you to confirm your first day with us. Not tech savvy? No problem! Please call the office at 919-321-4475 and we’ll help you.

For more information about opportunities to Volunteer, click here.


Stephen Pysnik, Durham Program & Operations Director • (919) 599-8466


Cécilia Sidibé, Durham Education Manager • (919) 638-9006


Rashad Hayward, Durham Community Performances & Operations Manager • (919) 758-4501


Emily Smith, Durham Student & Volunteer Manager • (816) 591-0555

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