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Complete the Application for your City

(Aplica para Kidznotes)

 A completed application includes:

1) Online Application (above)
2) Kidznotes Recommendation Form required for new students, have child turn in their Recommendation Form to the receptionist at their school.
3) Attending a Parent Information session in either Raleigh or Durham.

New student application deadline: Friday, September 8
Note that a completed application does not guarantee acceptance into Kidznotes. Spots are limited.
Acceptance letters will be sent in the week of September 11
Classes for new students begin in the week of September 18

If accepted, all new students will undergo a trial period of two weeks. If a student drops out during the trial period, we will fill the spot with a student from the waiting list up until October 2nd.

Kidznotes is a program free of charge and requires a high time commitment from participating students and families. We encourage you to consider this commitment before submitting your application. Regular attendance is required.

For questions about your child’s application please contact:

Durham: Emily Smith

Raleigh: Alex Plueckhan

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