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I love golf. When I win the $430 million Powerball jackpot this week, the first thing I’ll do is donate a ton to Kidznotes. The second thing I’ll do is retire and play golf every single day. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to see, in person, three out of the four major championships on the PGA tour. I visited the Open Championship in the UK in 2014, the US Open at Chambers Bay outside of Seattle in 2015, and the Masters at August National this year. I need only to see the PGA Championship to complete the career grand slam.

Well, this past weekend, the PGA Championship was held at the Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, NC. Two hours from my home. And I had tickets. Be still my beating heart.

But you know what? I didn’t go. In fact, I didn’t even remember last week that the tournament was happening until my parents posted a picture online of their view from the 9th hole at Quail Hollow.

I’ve now been a part of the Kidznotes team and family for just over a month. The time has flown by, not least because it has been so busy. Filled with meetings and lunches and strategy sessions and blogging. The last month, though, hasn’t just been fast; it’s also been all-consuming. So much of my mental energy is dedicated to this work that other pursuits haven’t even entered my mind. This isn’t surprising (my personality lends itself to mild obsession), except in one regard – I cannot believe that my mind hasn’t once turned to golf.

Don’t get me wrong – my time with Kidznotes has been an incredible ride so far. I am choosing to throw myself into the work in this all-consuming way, and I am absolutely loving it. But for this golf-obsessed guy to be one tournament away from a hugely exciting and rare milestone, and simply to forget that he has a ticket to that very tournament, is something I never could have imagined a month ago.

Kidznotes is the new golf.

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