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You are instrumental to our success!

Kidznotes has an intense instructional focus, with students receiving training in music theory, instrumental technique and choir . It’s “Going Green” in the most musical sense of the phrase! New and gently used instruments such as strings, woodwinds, brasswinds and percussion are accepted. Used instruments should be clean and in functioning or near-functioning order. (Please see below for more details regarding instrument state-of-repair definitions and pianos/non-orchestral donation rules.*) Kidznotes gives these instruments a “second life” by using them in the following ways:

  1. Providing Music Education to our students at Kidznotes
  2. Providing underserved students in the Durham and Raleigh communities (kids, teens) with instruments to begin their music studies
  3. Supplying instruments for Kidznotes’ community initiatives, including Instrument Petting Zoos and community concerts.

* Monetary donations are also needed to support repair, restoration, and basic upkeep of instruments.

How it works

Contact Kidznotes Operations Manager, Rashad Hayward – (919) 758-4501 or – and arrange a time to drop-off your new or gently used instrument. Upon delivery, we have you fill out a short donation form, and you leave knowing that you have contributed to the musical vitality of the community in a very real way. You will receive a letter from Kidznotes acknowledging your gift. This letter serves as a donation receipt for income tax purposes.

Don’t have an instrument to donate? We will gladly accept “gently used” cases for Strings, Winds and Percussion. Also instrument accessories such as reeds, swabs, rosin etc. We will also accept classroom supplies such as binders, markers, erasers and pencils.

*We will gladly accept “gently used” instruments needing slight repairs. Examples of light repairs are replacement strings for violins, violas, cellos and double bass, slide or valve lubrication for brass, or pad/cork replacements for woodwinds. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept instruments with severe damage requiring heavy repairs. Examples of heavy damage are severe breaks or cracks in wooden instruments, surface damage sufficiently severe to require new lacquering or severe dents in brass instruments, needed replacement or repair of electronic components in electronic instruments, or damage resulting from decay during long-term storage such as mold, mildew, and strong odor. If you are unsure of the quality your instrument(s) are in, we strongly suggest you visit your local music store to have it evaluated.

Regarding piano donations and non-orchestral instruments such as Guitars etc, Kidznotes can only accept these donations if there is an immediate need (and piano moving funds are available). If you have a piano you would like to donate, feel free to email with a description and photo(s) of your piano, plus your preferred contact information. If we do not have an immediate need, we will be happy to make an announcement in our weekly E-Newsletter that goes out to our Kidznotes community.

Thank you for your donation!

Share Your Instrument Story

We know that the instrument you are giving has a story. Would you share that story with us?

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