This month’s issue of Durham Magazine features 35 inspiring women who make our Durham the diverse, delicious, delightful city we love. Among those featured is our own Katie Wyatt!

Read more from Katie’s interview online¬†or pick up a copy of the magazine for her full interview. Also featured in the magazine are a plethora of KidZNotes supporters! Be sure to read about these amazing women:

Lou Rollins- Duke University, supporter

Cynthia Brodhead- Duke University, KidZNotes Scholarship Fund Honorary Co-Chair

Kelli Cotter- Toast owner, supporter

Amy Tournquist- Watt’s Grocery owner, supporter

Judith Bell- 1st Lady of Durham, KidZNotes Scholarship Fund Honorary Co-Chair

Ellen Reckhow- County Commissioner, supporter

Cora Cole-McFadden- City Councilwoman, supporter

Letisha Judd- Principal at YE Smith Elementary, supporter