logoAuthoring Action, originally founded in 2002, offers programs to engage youth, to train and develop artists and staff working with youth. Their programming is devoted to building youth as authors, redefining learning through the arts, and supporting stronger communities; to transform the lives of youth through the power of creative writing, film media and spoken word arts; to be an internationally recognized provider of arts-based programming working in partnership with educational, cultural, civic and social institutions to empower youth with skills for success in this 21st Century.


For 12 Fridays, eight middle schoolers and twenty-four 3rd to 5th graders delved into creatively discussing and writing on the provocative topic “Dreaming Big”. Authoring Action’s creative writing process conducted by Artistic Director, Nathan Ross Freeman, explored the creative signature of each Kidznotes Author.

Mr. Ross Freeman commented about the experience:

“It was my experience with Kidznotes that from the time I entered the campus to when I would leave I felt surrounded by a total atmosphere of love. Not one moment did the students ever show animosity towards teachers nor each other. Kudos.”

The resultant 32 monologues written to the theme’s title “Win” were adapted into a script for Spoken Word. A Teacher Ensemble will join us to provide music accompaniment.

Please come out to enjoy this performance THIS FRIDAY, February 19th
5:30pm – 6:30pm
Holton Career and Resource Center, 401 North Driver Street, Durham, NC