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06Nov 17

I Mean to Be One, Too

I grew up in the Episcopal Church. My grandfather, Allen Webster Joslin, was vicar of St. Paul's, just down the road in Salisbury. As a boy, I had the chance…

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31Oct 17


Simone Dinnerstein, an accomplished professional pianist, came to the nucleo this month to present for our students and families a program called “Bachpacking”, in which she unpacks the beautiful and…

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02Oct 17

At Home in the Concert Hall

The Chamber Orchestra of the Triangle opened its season this weekend with an exceptional concert that featured, alongside works by Mozart and Shostakovich, the less well known Danzón #2 by…

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25Sep 17

I’m Baaaaaaack.

Worry not, fearless reader. Nick's Notes is up and running again. It's been an amazing couple of weeks at Kidznotes - weeks that have required a little bit of time…

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30Aug 17

Ripping Off and Shouting Out

Two of my favorite things in the world: ripping off good ideas and shouting people out. Today, we got to do both at the same time! A few weeks ago,…

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27Aug 17

The art of losing

A man who changed my life passed away this weekend. Michael Cavanagh was professor emeritus of English at Grinnell College. He taught me Poetry as a Freshman; then he taught me Shakespeare…

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23Aug 17

We’re rich!

Big news on my end today. Thought you might want to know that I'm now a multi-millionaire. I have in my wallet what I'm 99.9% sure is the $700 million winning Powerball…

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20Aug 17


Last Friday, we celebrated a birthday at Kidznotes. Vandora Davis, our incredible Director of Finance and Operations, once again turned 39 years old. I love celebrating birthdays with our team…

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16Aug 17


The North Carolina Arts Council turns 50 years old this year. They are an incredible organization that has "invested in artists and arts organizations to create an enviable arts infrastructure…

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13Aug 17


I love golf. When I win the $430 million Powerball jackpot this week, the first thing I'll do is donate a ton to Kidznotes. The second thing I'll do is…

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09Aug 17

¡Viva México!

I'm back! Five days in Mexico (without The Binder! Egad!) seemed to fly by. Our trip was a study in contrasts: four fun, adventure filled days, followed by a final day that…

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02Aug 17

The Binder

I am a planner. And by that I mean I enjoy the act of planning things: events, concerts, staff retreats. What I love planning the most, though, are trips. Family…

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01Aug 17


Today was an incredibly busy day...the kind of day that's so full of activity, your early morning meeting feels like it happened two days ago. Recapping my day to Julia…

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31Jul 17


We have visitors in the Kidznotes office this week: two wonderful accountants are hunkering down for the next few days to perform our annual audit. Don't worry - this isn't…

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30Jul 17

Such stuff as dreams are made on

On Saturday evening I had the pleasure of seeing The Tempest, presented in a wonderful musical adaptation by Raleigh Little Theatre's Teens on Stage and Teens Backstage. Kidznotes was fortunate…

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27Jul 17

Durham Summer Camp Concert

Today was the first Kidznotes concert I attended as executive director. Our Durham students performed the music they have learned and rehearsed over the last three weeks in their summer…

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27Jul 17

Give Away the Soda

My wife and I have a bit of of an unhealthy obsession with Sheetz. We were a little too excited when we discovered that the gas station/restaurant/ice cream shop/purveyor of endless…

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25Jul 17

Music to Cry By

I was crying when I pulled into the parking lot at the Kidznotes offices this morning. I had to sit in the car for five minutes to compose myself before…

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24Jul 17

Counting My Blessings

When I'm worried and I can't sleep, I count my blessings instead of sheep And I fall asleep counting my blessings. I couldn't sleep on the red-eye home. This shouldn't…

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23Jul 17


It was easy to forget, during long days of research, pedagogy, panel discussions, box lunches, and cups of coffee, that my time in LA would end with a performance by…

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21Jul 17

The Greatest Moments in Life

Day Two of the Take a Stand Symposium is in the books. It was a day filled with research. We had the chance to hear from neuroscientists and social scientists…

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21Jul 17

Take A Stand…Day 1

Amazing first day at the Take a Stand Symposium in LA...kicked off with an inspiring opening address by Maestro Thomas Wilkins, Principal Conductor of the Hollywood Bowl, and finished with…

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19Jul 17

Leaving and a Mission Moment

I type this post as my plane begins its descent into LAX. It's almost midnight back home; not quite 9:00 in California. Tomorrow morning, I'll walk out of my hotel…

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18Jul 17

Take a Stand and a #Dudamelfie

This evening I will hop a flight to Los Angeles to participate in the Take a Stand symposium with the LA Philharmonic. The symposium will "bring together leaders, teachers, and key…

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17Jul 17

Passing the Torch

On my first day as executive director of Kidznotes, I walked into my office and set my briefcase on my desk. That's when I noticed a little sticky note:  …

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