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Passing the Torch

On my first day as executive director of Kidznotes, I walked into my office and set my briefcase on my desk. That’s when I noticed a little sticky note:








I giggled. But I was also touched. I saved the note; strangely, I think it will become one of the small treasures of my time with Kidznotes.

This short, sweet welcome note was left for me by Katie Wyatt, whom most of you know as the co-founder of Kidznotes and our first executive director. When I look at the note, I can’t help but wonder if it’s the last thing Katie ever wrote as the E.D. of Kidznotes. It wouldn’t surprise me. Summed up in its ten words are Katie’s kindness, her sense of humor, and her genuine care for my success and the success of our organization. It makes sense to me that she would privately pass the torch in this gracious way.

This afternoon, Katie was able to pass the torch publicly. She and I performed together as the “mystery artists” at our Raleigh Summer Camp. Katie played the viola (an arrangement of her own, that she insists she can sell) and I sang “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel. You can watch a video of our duet here. We had a ball – and so did the kids.

I am grateful and fortunate to have in my corner a former executive director who goes out of her way to support me in my work as I step into this role. While I am confident in my own path, my own vision, and my own strengths, I have learned so much from Katie. I know I will continue to lean on her as a resource in her new role with El Sistema USA . I hope she knows I’m always here should she need to do the same.

Thank you, Katie.

p.s. – In case you are wondering, I haven’t yet tried the eject button. But it exists. Believe me.

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