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Today was an incredibly busy day…the kind of day that’s so full of activity, your early morning meeting feels like it happened two days ago. Recapping my day to Julia tonight, I actually began with our staff meeting…which, at 10:00 AM, was my third meeting of the day.

Honestly, in a day filled with activity and accomplishment, the staff meeting was a real highlight. It was the first staff meeting of my directorship that our entire team was able to attend. In past weeks, some folks had been out on vacation, or conducting an ensemble, or working at summer camp. It was inspiring to sit in a room with our full team and reflect on how lucky Kidznotes is to have such an incredible staff.

We always kick off staff meetings with a “mission moment” – a time to share with the team one story from the last week that inspired us. Today, Vandora Davis, Director of Finance and Operations, led off by exclaiming that her inspiring story was happening right then and there. She was inspired to have everybody back in one room, and to be in the first full staff meeting of the new school year. “It feels like a family reunion,” Vandora explained.

I couldn’t agree more. Even though I’m still coming to know our team as people and as employees, it feels special to be in a room together with everyone. The passion, commitment, and camaraderie is palpable, and I’m so proud to be a part of it.

I know today’s reflection is brief, but it’s an important one: I really care about the Kidznotes Team and Family, and it’s rewarding to see how much we all care for each other.

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