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All students in Kidznotes receive free music instruction four afternoons a week and on Saturday mornings at the Kidznotes nucleos in Durham (Holton Career and Resource Center) and Raleigh (Walnut Creek Elementary). This adds up to 10 hours of instruction a week, taking place each week of the school calendar, as well as a 3-week summer camp.  Students are instructed in:

  • Music theory
  • Instrumental technique
  • Choir
  • Percussion
  • Band

The program is designed to be intense and focused with children making many years’ worth of growth in a short time.  To accomplish this, students are divided into three sections- Mozarts (beginners), Brahms (intermediate), and Beethovens (advanced), and are given opportunities to participate in small ensembles such as the Jazz Band and All-Stars Strings.

Entry into Kidznotes is by application only.

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