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Keith Strombotne is our director of development. He and I work hand-in-hand every day. The fact is, if a development director and E.D. aren’t simpatico, both of their lives are going to be pretty rough, and the organization cannot thrive. Knowing this going into my interview with Kidznotes, I was prepared to grill Keith. It didn’t take me long, though, to realize how much I’d like working with him. He’s a straight shooter, a hard worker, and an entrepreneurial mind with an ambitious and compelling vision of where Kidznotes is headed. Of course it also doesn’t hurt that he’s a golfer. Though I must say, Keith conveniently “hurt his ankle” on the day I was scheduled to wipe the floor with him on the golf course.

Not surprisingly, Keith and I spent a good deal of time together over my first week as executive director. As the week went on, I became more and more comfortable with Keith, and noticed more and more things we had in common. Friday afternoon, though, took it to a whole new level. We met up in Raleigh to visit with a long time partner of Kidznotes. As we stepped out of our separate cars to walk into the meeting, we took one look at each other and burst out laughing:

Brown loafers? ✔️

Gray pants? ✔️

Dark blue jacket? ✔️

Pastel shirt? ✔️

#Twinning? ✔️

Completely unplanned, and yet completely coordinated. Yes, we were #Twinning.

We walked into our meeting and, of course, our outfits were immediately remarked upon. Keith and I got together after the meeting to debrief, and everyone we walked past had to ask about the outfits. Finally we insisted someone take our picture, so we could record the incident for posterity’s sake.

While we didn’t plan it, #Twinning for the afternoon turned out to be a pretty good way to make ourselves memorable. The meeting went well, and I’m willing to bet that we ended up on at least one person’s social media feed. In fact, the afternoon was so successful that I’m now going to insist that we show up to every meeting dressed exactly the same. Hope that’s OK with you, Keith.

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